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Athletes of Wine Alto! Alto!! Rosato 2021


Winemaker notes:

If we could choose descriptors to nail our rosé we’d want them to be: thrillingly thirst-quenching, delicious with subtle complexity. This is the label where we take the opportunity to be creative and just make wine for pleasure. We want to avoid classic limitations, rules or definitions – if it feels good, do it! We want them to be everything possible, we want a high level of drinkability AND the structure and sophistication to be food wines.

We’ve all seen the (r)evolution of rosé over the last 5 years. No longer just a summer drink, or for a narrow band of die-hard supporters. It is now consumed all-year round, made in a less frivolous style and is simply just another wine style put there – people understand it doesn’t rely on a narrow set of situations when it’s the best and/or only choice (summer, sunshine, apertivo, picnic, poolside). Rosé is for everyone all the time, as it should be with all wines.




King Valley


Fresh and crisp

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Athletes of Wine Alto! Alto!! Rosato 2021

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