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Upstairs Wines is a boutique online wine store curated by husband and wife wine people, Dave and Michelle. The name came from their tiny tasting room on top of a speakeasy in Bondi. To get an invite to the tasting, you had to know who to text. The reply would be, “just come upstairs”. The name stuck. They’re no longer upstairs in the figurative sense, but have grown and evolved into this online wine store.

This site is filled with wines from producers with a passion for every aspect of what’s in the bottle. They use the word “sustainable” over other buzzwords as it implies a broader commitment to making good wine. They look for small wineries that limit their use of synthetic chemicals, additions and fining products. They seek wines that are a true reflection of time, place and people and if they don’t love it, they don’t sell it.

Every bottle has passed the pleasure test and can be found only on select restaurant lists or the shelves of boutique bottle shops. But here, they come direct from the source.

Happy sipping x.

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