Zorzettig -                                          Myo Malvasia

Zorzettig - Myo Malvasia - 2014

Spessa di Cividale, Friuli, Italy

The original Malvasia Istriana grape variety arrived in the Colli Orientali del Friuli area in 1300 imported by Venetian merchants, as it was once land captained by the Serenissima of Gradisca.

Appellation: DOC Friuli Colli Orientali

Soil type: Marl and sandstone of Eocene origin, formed 50 million years ago after the upheaval of the seabed.

Vineyard age: 75/80 years

Vineyard Selection: Located in the hamlet of Ipplis in the municipality of Premariacco. This is a generous variety, which is highly productive and requires a lot of dry pruning even during the varaison period. Grapes have a very thick skin which contains an abundance of extracts and aromatic substances. The grape cluster is loose-packed. It is a variety unharmed by botrytis, an indication of grapes that are always markedly healthy even during particularly rainy seasons.

Vineyard position: South/South-East

Yeald: Less than 6000 kg/hectare

Harvest: Carried out manually in crates in the middle of September
Vinification: The grapes are collected in crates and are destemmed and left to macerate for 18 hours at a temperature of 10° C. The must resulting from soft pressing is left to settle for 24 hours, in an oxygen-free area so as to maintain the varietal aromas intact. Alcoholic fermentation lasts for about ten days and is managed at a temperature of between 18° and 20° C.

Evolution: After racking at the end of fermentation, the resulting wine remained on the fine lees until March where weekly batonnage took place until the first cold days of the winter.

Tasting notes: Straw yellow in colour with delicate golden highlights. Unique and sought-after spicy overtones which are reminiscent of cinnamon and nutmeg which embellish a complex floral bouquet of dried flowers and a fruitiness which is reminiscent of very ripe apples, peaches and apricots. On the palate it is intense, long and persistent. Great tanginess and richness in the finish.

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