L'Obaga - Garnacha Rosé

Vinicola del Priorat - L’Obaga Garnacha Rosé - 2016

Priorat, Tarragona, Spain

Obaga is the Catalan word for a shady slope and refers to the fact that these grapes are grown on the cooler shady part of the mountain. This enables the grapes to retain freshness and helps to make this dry savory style of rose. The wine is bone dry, has a long finish and is made in traditional methods with no preservatives. 

The lands under the protection of AOC Priorat have geographic limits that come from a geologic and human heritage. The Priorat of slate is an area with personality formed from geology, villages and cultivation. The historic tie comes from the correspondence of these lands with the direct domains of the Carthusian Monastery of Scaladei.

These producers are heirs of old farmers of our villages. They have known how to maintain alive the millenium cultivation of vineyards in these lands even though the adversity periods like phylloxera. They work in small vineyards with very low production per vine – around one kilo of grape-.

The Priorat tortuous terrain, the cultivation in slopes that can overcome the 30%, the slate terrain and the old age of their vineyards ( slopes with centennial vineyards are still cultivated) provide with this exceptional production

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