Ventus - White Blend

Ventus - White Blend

Patagonia, Argentina

Ventus by Del Fin Del Mundo Malbec hails from the remote Patagonian region of Argentina. Named after Venti the roman god of the wind in tribute to this wind swept region. Winds are a component of terroir that are often forgotten but play a large role in regulating climate, spreading wild yeasts and drying grapes thus naturally preventing mold. Add to this the dry climate, low humidity and minimal rainfall and the pure glacial waters and you get a delicious fruit driven wine with a deliciously long finish. Originally considered a risky venture the wines have proven themselves over and over obtaining over 140 medals in the most important wine competitions in the world. You simply have to try for yourself these amazing wines. 

Varieties: Chardonnay (50%), Sauvignon Blanc (50%)

Colour: Crystal clear, light yellow 

Nose: Tropical fruits, peach, apple 

Palate: The chardonnay adds a beautiful body whilst the sauvignon blanc adds refreshingly crisp acidity for this new world style white. 

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Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay