Tomero - Malbec

Tomero - Malbec - 2017

Valle de Uco, Mendoza

Argentina's national wine. Forget tomato sauce, with its low acid, lush fruitiness and spice notes this wine was made for bbqs. For optimal enjoyment serve with the biggest juiciest steak you can lay your hands on. This was the first wine Exclusive Vines bought to Australia and to this day remains a favourite of ours and close friends.

Rich textured and full bodied. Intense violet red color. Nose: Elegant aromas of fresh plums, dried figs and vanilla. Palate: Sweet entrance, with good structure and a long enjoyable finish. A wonderful butterscotch and touch of spice is totally integrated by the subtle notes of vanilla that comes from the oak aging. This wine is 80% aged in stainless steel tanks and 20% in French oak barrels over 8 months. It is then bottled and aged for another 6 months before it is released into the market. All grapes are hand harvested from old vines, most planted around 1948. Vinyards sit 950m above sea level and good climatic conditions allow the winery to maintain vineyards almost naturally with almost no fitosanitary treatment. During the vegetative season there is a difference of temperature between day and night of 15C allowing for excellent colour and tannin development. Soil: Sandy loam with limestone channels. Low to medium fertility with low percentage of organic material. 

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