The Organic Selection

Organic Selection

A range of organic wines from Australia and the world

Organic is a bit of a buzz word right now but it basically means something produced without the use of chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

Whilst often used as marketing this is actually something we believe in. It is not however a new trend. Most of the wineries we work with have been farming organically for centuries. It's just how they do it. Really it means putting in a little bit of extra work in the vineyard to manage conditions but a little bit more work usually results in more care which results in better fruit which makes better wine. It's really quite simple. 

Another benefit is the impact on the environment and workers. One of the wineries we work with decided to become 100% organic when they noticed the workers hands and arms were all red after picking the grapes. In speaking with the pickers it was worked out that synthetic chemicals used to manage bugs was the cause. The next day the vineyard converted to 100% organic and utilises natural practices to manage pests and disease. The pickers no longer have irritated arms and the quality of the wine has improved. win win. 

So whilst most of the wines we work with are organic we don't think its a fad and it's just good sense. It's not really a feature of the wines they just happen to be organic. The wines taste like normal wines because they are normal wines. These are some of our favourites. 

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