Nueva Sangria  - Party Dozen

Nueva Sangria - Rose - Party Dozen!

Cheaper by the dozen, like that Steve Martin movie you probably never saw except not at all like that. It’s just 12 bottles but cheaper. Enough so you’re not that guy who runs out of booze at their fancy dinner party.

Look – we could bore you to death with how Nueva Sangria is a new Aussie twist on a Spanish classic and that we’ve used premium Australian Pinot Grigio with hints of citrus, apples and berries … but you know: we won’t. Instead, we just want you to know that Nueva Sangria is the perfect drink for the Australian climate and lifestyle. It’s as sophisticated as you want it to be: keen to garnish it with pomegranate, edible flowers and serve it your high-brow mates? Great. Want to drink it from a paper cup on your lawn? That’s also fine by us. Enjoy!

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