Kinetic - Merlot

Kinetic - Merlot - 2018

Orange, New South Wales

Australia is certainly one of the most diverse and exciting places in the world to grow grapes and make wine. We have a plethora of soils, latitudes, altitudes and attitudes. What we don’t have is a long history of experimentation. Techniques and grapes imported from regions that bare little to resemblance to our climate, culture or identity. 

Kinetic is our attempt to add to the rapidly expanding knowledge of how Australia fits into the global vinous landscape. Our goal is to work within the confines of the unknown, the unloved or the unfamiliar; whether they be grapes, regions or people. To work with innovative growers and experiment with unconventional winemaking. To try to chip away at what makes this place special. 

Whilst we most definitely seek inspiration from those who have come before us we are interested in carrying forward that momentum in new and exciting ways. To make a wine for Australia. Our, climate, our culture, our identity. 

We are blessed with a sunburnt country, a literal abundance of foods, flavour’s and textures from around the world. We like to pair that with wines that are bright, fresh, vibrant. Wines that have energy. These wines have their own energy. We are just trying to pass it on. 

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