Heretic White (Savagnin)

2017 Heretic White


100% barrel fermented Savagnin. Sourced from Phil & Lyn Foster’s vineyard on Thornton Road. Phil & Lyn have been farming in Margaret River for decades and grow a range of ‘alternative’ varieties on their property. We love the Savagnin for it’s aromatics of dried herbs and sea spray, it’s texture and beautiful natural acid.

Meet Dan & Harrie Stocker based in Margaret River, fixated by the ocean, they enjoy a life of heresy. Dan began hisvinous endeavours studying in Adelaide & then as winemaker in the Yarra Valley (Giant Steps) before shortly after moving towards a more commercial way of winemaking back home out West. After a short sabbatical, he reignited his passion towards growing sustainably, translating vineyard to bottle with minimal intervention.

Words from Dan Stocker...

“The project, as a whole, is basically me asking ‘why’ a lot, and challenging my own biases and preconceptions on wine. In some cases I’m doing a complete 180 on the pathways I followed previously in my winemaking career. This is in no way denouncing the wineries I’ve worked at, or the wines I’ve been involved in (I would happily stand behind just about all of them). It’s just me acknowledging that there is a side of winemaking that I haven’t really explored, and that’s what I’m keen to do.”

In terms of winemaking, the only thing that has been added to either wine is sulfur. All indigenous yeast, no new oak, minimal lees stirring and gentle extractions.

Wines are not fined, corrected, stabilised or filtered.

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