Garzon Tannat

Garzon Tannat

Maldonado, Urguguay

Garzon Tannat is the signature wine of the signature winery of Uruguay. Tannat is to Uruguay as Shiraz is to Australia or Malbec is to Argentina.

A relatively uncommon grape in Australia, Tannat has to be tasted to be believed. Derived from the word Tannin of which the Tannat grape has the highest levels of any grape in the world. It is super juicy on entry but finishes amazingly dry. Perfect  to pair with some slow cooked BBQ or cheese. The drying effect of the wine and the salivation caused from the combination of fats and protein is a match made in heaven. It is also off the charts in levels of phenolic compounds (polyphenols, procyanidins, flavenoids and reservatol), in other words, those things in wine that are good for you! Yup, this wine is not only delicious but good for you!

The expression of our Tannat has officially been described as an intense red and black fruit wine with a lingering and lush aftertaste. I agree.

Bodega Garzón is the star of the relatively undiscovered Uruguayan wine scene. Garzon itself is located next to the summer holiday towns of Punta del Este, La Barra and Jose Ignacio, which is the summer hang out of South americas rich and famous. Known as “the riviera” of South America, with its mesmerising landscapes, and incredible beach resorts, it is well worth discovering.

Located only 11 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, this extraordinary vineyard is actually made up of more than 1,000 small vineyard blocks which cover the hillside slopes and benefit from varying micro-climates, different levels of humidity, and intense canopy management. This allows the vines to develop with maximum exposure to the sun providing rich, expressive fruit. The vineyards are surrounded by forest, rocky soils, boulders and natural palms. The winery’s design intent is innovation and sustainability.

Not too many people get to see this but this is the private tasting room in the middle of the winery. I may have taken a bit of inspiration from here for our tasting room at upstairs.. 

bodega garzon tasting room

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