Bodega Garzon - Albariño

Bodega Garzon - Albariño - 2016

Maldonado, Uruguay

"This is one of my favourite wines to talk about. I can go on about it for hours. And the winery is a winemakers heaven. Gravity-fed wooden and concrete tanks sit next to some very pretty concrete eggs and all the winemaking toys you could ever want. Plus, it's one of the most sustainable wineries in the world.  It's not something we expected to find in Uruguay.

The wine itself has a fresh, crisp and fruity mouthfeel with mineral notes and is rounded off with balanced acidity. Great structure and a delicious mouth-watering finish.

Winemaking etc: Uruguay is one of those places that's not really on the tourist radar and not many people know much about it. It's just across the river from Buenos Aires and a convenient place to visit if you happen to be living in Argentina and need to get your visa renewed. Luckily we needed ours renewed because we found one of our favourite places in the world. It's like a mini Argentina. Great people, food and, of course, wine - but with beaches! 

This particular vineyard is located near Punte Del Este, only 17km from the Atlantic Ocean, and you can definitely taste the maritime influence in this wine. Its location is quite similar to Rias Biaxas, Spain, where the most famous Albariño comes from.

One of the coolest things about the vineyard is the extraordinary level of detail they have gone to. After measuring every variable there is (sunlight, soil, drainage, slope etc) they planted more than 1,000 small vineyard blocks which cover the hillside slopes. These smaller blocks ensure that each vine benefits from the varying micro-climates, different levels of humidity and intense canopy management. They then develop with maximum exposure to the sun providing rich, expressive fruit. The vineyards are surrounded by forest, rocky soils, boulders and natural palms."

- DK

The very pretty concrete eggs, Bodega Garzon, Uruguay.



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