From Sunday - 'Carbonic' Nebbiolo

From Sunday "Carbonic" Nebbiolo

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

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Nebbiolo is an Italian grape most famous for making Barolo and Barbaresco. 

Whilst Nebiolo is one of the prettiest grapes you will ever smell, when young it can be super Tannic and thus take years of ageing to reach a balance that matches the rough tannins with the famous Tar and Roses aromas for which it is famous. 

We are not Piedmontese, and wanted to create our own take on this delicious varietal. To try and avoid some of the harsh tannins we decided to ferment the grapes using carbonic maceration which is very gental process and extracts minimal tannins whilst highlighting the beautiful floral aromas of Nebbiolo. The resulting wine is light, soft and beautiful, can be served slightly chilled and is, we think, the perfect aussie wine. 

The vineyard itself is nestled in Kersbrook in the northern Adelaide Hills. The subregion borders on the southern end of the Barossa Valley but the 450m altitude provides a stark contrast to the growing conditions just 10 minutes down the hill. VSP trained, east west rows and shoot and bunch thinned to achieve optimum vine balance. The site was chosen for the From Sunday wine this year as it is another example of letting great fruit turn into great wines. Hand harvested then separated into two parcels, one for whole bunch carbonic and one for a more traditional expression or baby Barolo as we tenderly nick named it. 

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