Europe Pack

European Adventure

12 bottles

This website is really the culmination of our last few years exploring the world of wine. Our focus has always been on smaller producers who typify the region they are from. Indigenous varietals which are naturally adapated to the climate, made with minimal intervention to really showcase the extroadinary diversity in the world of wine. 

The Europe pack is really the best of. Europe is a big place so it is always difficult to narrow it down but we try and highlight interesting varietals you may not have heard of mixed in with a few classics. Think Friulano from Fruili, Frappato from Siciliy or even a Malvasia from Slovenia mixed in with some classics like Rioja and the always delicious French provincial rose. 

As always if there is something in particular you want to try or you prefer your reds over whites let us know and we can customise the pack just for you. Otherwise leave it to us and let us take you on a journey through the classic wine regions of Europe. 

Cheers! Sante! Prost! Salute! Na zdravje! Salud!


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