Cape Roca Vinho Verde

Casa Agricola Herdade do Monte Ribeira - Cape Roca Vinho Verde

Paiva, Minho, Portugal

Portugal has a long winemaking history and tradition, with Port its most famous wine worldwide. Portugal’s table
wines however, are only now being discovered abroad.

In the last 15 years Portuguese vineyards and wineries have undergone great changes in an effort to modernize
and adopt the latest winemaking techniques and technologies. This tremendous investment is now bearing fruit.
Alentejo is a region in southern Portugal, famed for its hot, dry climate and renowned as a birthplace of premium
wines. Herdade Monte da Ribeira, and the neighbouring terrains acquired through the years, comprises a territory
of over 1000ha. These are mostly forested areas where one will find holm oaks, cork oaks and strawberry trees.
The area is also the habitat of species such as hares, deer and wild boars, which can here be seen in the wild.
Due to the region’s intense dryness in the summer, several dams and ponds have been built to sustain irrigation
systems for vineyards and olive groves.

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