Capella - Fiano

Capella - Fiano - 2017

Langhorne Creek, South Australia

Capella is named after a star. Although it appears as a single star in the night sky it is actually part of a four star system. I like the analogy that although this wine appears as a single product it is actually the collective output of many many people. Firstly the growers, the viticulturalists and the pickers without which there is no grapes, the winemakers who have crafted it, the designers, bottlers and shippers and about a million other people who have collectivly managed to turn a bit of sunshine the atmosphere and dirt into this delicious wine. 

Fresh and fruity yet savoury, this wine shows notes of ripe white peach, fresh cut red apple and minerals. It is crisp yet giving on the palate with a clean dry finish.

About the Vineyard:

Langhorne Creek is an unsung hero in Australian wine. Nestled on the floodplain of the Bremer river, the soil is comprised of years of deposits of Adelaide Hills topsoil which flows down from the hills in the winter and spills the banks to irrigate the landscape. Predominantly planted to traditional varieties it is the alternatives that are starting to shine. Fiano is perfectly suited to the dense clays and retains acidity to produce vibrant lively wines.

Winemaking: Hand picked, fermented in stainless on lees and lightly filtered before bottling. 

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