Big Easy Radio - Fiano/Vermentino

Big Easy Radio - Fiano Vermentino 'Free Love Rollin' On' - 2016

Langhorne Creek, South Australia

50% Fiano 50% Vermentino

When writing up the notes for this is was a toss up between going with the technical deets some of you love or the prose provided by the winemaker. They are just so different I thought i'd put up both and let you decide which makes you thirstier. 

Technical winemaking: 

Both parcels of fruit were harvested from a single vineyard in Langhorne Creek. The Vermentino was harvested at 11 beaume to maintain a crisp clean palate whilst the Fiano was picked at almost 13 beaume to add richness and weight to the blend.  

After crushing and de-stemming the juice was cold settled for a day or two before being racked taking most of the solids into the ferment. Fermentation was started wild at a moderate 13 degrees, the resulting wine is textural and interesting and made to be enjoyed with food.

Tasting notes from the winemaker:

Free love rollin on baby. You're too tense. Let me loosen you up a little.
Yup those varieties that end in O; are always guaranteed to drop the inhibitions, tickle the taste buds and freshen things up with their sexy Italian style.
There are only a couple of things that clear the head after a day of whatever muck life decides to throw at you. A swim in the ocean and a glass of wine. Or both.
Yeah, preferably both.
Our Big Easy Radio lab has done extensive research into this matter, stunning the scientific community with our findings. These are the sort of discoveries that change lives.
Our research has found that memories of work and bad experiences accumulated during the week are stored in a compost heap at the back of the human brain, breaking down very slowly over time, sometimes attaching to other negative emotions and generally not being very cool at all ..... man.
A precise blend of Fiano & Vermentino actually works as a catalyst in this cerebral compost heap, breaking down all that nasty stuff and rapidly decreases levels of inhibition. If there was a Nobel Prize for Sexy Times, we'd be a shoe-in.
Not only is this particular Italian white blend beneficial between the sheets, it also tastes magnificent. Clean, refreshing, dry and savoury, summoning up memories of citrus fruits, floral notes, crushed stone and proudly walking down the beach without any pants on. Crisp and delicious it's just what is needed when you need to get
down to business. And we all need a little free love rollin on. You're welcome.

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