From Sunday - 'Bugger All' Pinot Meunier

From Sunday - "Bugger All" Pinot Meunier - 2017

Tumbarumba, New South Wales

Most winemakers make some sort of reserve wine. It usually has a name like limited release or winemakers selection. This one is called "bugger all" because there is bugger all of it. It's a Pinot Meunier from Tumbarumba. 

From the winemakers: 

In 2017 we sourced some amazing Pinot Meunier from Tumbarumba in NSW with the idea to make a Pet Nat. It seemed logical, after all Pinot Meunier is one of the main grape varietals of Champagne. It worked and made a great little bubbly. However, it also happens to be a red grape so we thought in keeping with the From Sunday spirit of experimentation we would put a small batch aside and make a red wine. We put it in a barrel and forgot about it. 

About a year later it was looking better than it had any right to. Definitly one of our favourite wines. Only problem was there was bugger all of it. We hand bottled straight from the barrell. No filtering. No fining. Not much of anything really. 

"What's with the label?". Given there is bugger all of it we thought we could be a little cheeky. I've always wanted to hand stamp a label and we needed an image that could convey alot whilst being simple enough to make into a stamp. I don't really want to talk about the design too much but like a good wine it seems to be very emotive for a lot of people in one way or another. I like that and no furthur need to discuss. 



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