Welcome to the club... 

This is not a normal wine club.

This is a chance for us to show off. Our job is literally travelling the world finding amazing wines. It's pretty great. But what's even better is sharing it with our friends. The idea of this club started pretty organically. Friends would ask what our latest wines were and we would send them some. As more people wanted in we decided to formalise it a bit but it's still pretty informal. 

Every month or quarter or how ever often you like we send you 6 bottles of our current favourite wines. We learn what you like and customise each shipment for you. All the wines will be awesome. They will all be unique and you won't find them in any bottle shop. If you love them you can order more at special mates rates. That's about it. 

Basically it's not even a wine club. It's just a simple way of us delivering you good wine on a semi regular basis. If you prefer the old fashioned method of organising that yourself than that's cool too.

Fine Print:

  • stop when ever you like
  • if you love a particular wine(s) get a bonus 25% off any reorders. 
  • if you don't like something let us know and we will make things right.
  • Please enter you preferences, ie montly or quaterly and any wine likes in the club notes. 

Cool wines, home delivered, on a semi-regular basis

Monthly or Quarterly

$150 (6) or $270 (12)